Here’s what I’m working on this weekend…..

I purchased a table, 2 extensions & FIVE chairs at the Salvation Army for $60! The set was suppose to come with FOUR chairs but when I went to pick it up, another chair mysteriously appeared. It gives me a little comfort knowing if I totally mess it up, I still have four chairs.

Next time you see this, I'm hoping it will be more like the colors in my area rug

I’ve decided that I’m going to work on refinishing them this weekend. Although I like the vintage charm, they smell like they’ve been in a smoky bar, so I’m hoping that will go away after some stain kill, new paint & new fabric.

I've already started on the "fifth" chair, here's what I've done so far

I’m hoping to create a time worn, vintage look with “chippy paint” I know this look isn’t for everyone but, it fits well in our house.

It's a work in progress......

I follow a blog called Miss Mustard Seed. She is so talented and inspirational. She shared a detailed tutorial of a chair makeover here that you have to SEE to believe.  Because I’m kind of a “newbie” at this, I’m not expecting the same results but it does give me COURAGE to try!

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