Checkerboard Table

This project turned out to be more time consuming than I originally imagined. In an earlier post, I wrote about turning this table into a checkerboard game, it’s really not that difficult except I made a few mistakes along the way.

About ten years ago, I purchased this table at a big box store. I think I paid $20 for it on clearance. It's not a quality piece, in fact last summer I put it out for Goodwill and they didn't take it - now I'm kind of happy about that.

After I sanded and painted the top of the table, the paint had built in primer, I decided I wanted two inch squares for simplicity. I know painters tape comes in 2″ width and I planned to use the Bull Frog green tape but, to my surprise, it’s all in metrics. They tried to teach us that in elementary school but it was a fail, my brain started to hurt and I decided I’d go with the blue tape! Hopefully it won’t bleed.

Checkerboards have eight lines, I'm doing 2" squares so I found the middle and measured out 8" (8 lines x 2 inch squares) = 16/2 = 8"

I chose vanilla & caramel sauce for the square colors - Yum! After you tape off every other line you paint the exposed squares. Once that paint cures, you can cover the painted squares and what will be left is the remaining squares that need to be painted.

Next, I taped off a black border to define the edge

I wish I could say everything went as planned but, it didn't. Nothing a little wood fill won't fix.

Although I properly sanded and primed this table, when I peeled the tape off a few “chunks” of paint came up. I think this is due in part to the material the table is made of, some kind of plastic (yuk!) Next year, I will probably replace this top with real wood and perhaps use stain to create the checkboard but for now, this will work!

While I wait for the wood fill to dry, I put the first coat of paint on the legs, caramel sauce. This is the free paint they were giving out at ACE Hardware earlier in the month, it has a built in primer and I really love it!

My husband cut "checkers" from a dead tree branch that had fallen in our backyard. Now I just need to decide on a finish

This project has been linked to Saturday Nite Special @ Funky Junk Interiors

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    • I bought the car at a thrift store for $5 but, it’s not vintage……it had the original Home Goods $12 sticker on it, you might be able to still find it there. Thanks for the kind words

  2. Next time you have a plastic-y surface (like laminate) prime it with BIN 1-2-3 shellac-based primer. It’s works like a dream!! Cutie-cute table. Love it! (goodwill wouldn’t take it?? weird…)

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