It’s In The Details…

I’m always drawn to details, whether it’s interesting buttons on a shirt or intricate carving in wood but, details don’t really have to be expensive.

I’m helping a friend create some flower arrangements so, we walked through a really high end nursery for inspiration, it’s kind of a visual rainbow with smell a “vision”

What we realized is that they really focus on the details and it’s clearly what set’s them apart from the rest. One of these details was that they glued silk butterflies to sticks and baskets and we thought “We can do that” it’s a super easy and an affordable detail that anyone can do!

Don’t let a small budget stand in your way of creating details that turn a space from good to GREAT!

I bet that .50 cent butterfly will sell this basket, it’s all about the details. Speaking of details, I ordered these super sized buttons from a vendor on Etsy. I plan to add them to some funky curtains I’m making for our basement. Truthfully, it will probably be in the fall when the weather isn’t as nice.

I think these super sized button’s are COOL!

They sent me this one as a free gift, nice detail ♥ Wish I knew how to knit, this would be perfect for a chunky scarf

If we ever move, this doorbell is moving with us

I think I found the perfect place for my oversized scrabble letters

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