Fresh Salsa & Guacamole In Minutes

If you love fresh salsa and guacamole as much as I do, you’ll love this easy shortcut. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of fresh ingredients but these seasoning packs really work beautifully when you’re in a hurry.

This year we grew our first garden in years, the heat has probably slowed down the growing process but we’re suddenly getting tomatoes faster than we can eat them.

I had this bowl of tomatoes in our kitchen and I knew that by the time I picked up the “fresh” ingredients to make salsa it might be to late so, I pick up this seasoning packet instead. I’m not endorsing a particular brand, but this one was easy and tasted fantastic.

I love fresh salsa but, these seasoning packets are a great alternative when you don’t have a lot of time

I should mention, there are two versions on the package one is fresh and the other is boiled. I chose the boiled because my kids don’t love the tomato skins

The directions are on the seasoning packet but, it basically takes a little vinegar and a lot of tomatoes

While that was cooking, I sliced an avocado in half, stabbed & removed the pit , peel the meat from the shell and crushed it up in a bowl with a fork

I add a few spoonfuls of the salsa to the avocado to add seasoning, instant guacamole. I’m sure real chefs don’t do this but, I’m a busy mom and it works for us.

Fresh salsa in a few minutes, of course we put it in the fridge to cool before we served it.

We actually ate most of the salsa and all of the guacamole last night over grilled chicken & brown rice YUM

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2 responses

  1. Now see what you’ve started? That looks so good, wonder if we have that brand here. Putting the salsa/guac over chicken and rice sounds so good also. Have to try that, thanks for sharing and the idea.

    I love salsa and guac so I’d probably just eat that with the chips for a meal. When we had our boat we’d go out for the day on the lake and have hot dogs and chips with salsa for our lunch. There was an awesome little beach/inlet we’d go to and make a fire, cook our hot dogs, oh yum. That’s when we lived in MT on Canyon Ferry Lake. I miss that so much. There’s a smaller lake at a state park about 7 miles from our house now but it’s hard to find a good where we can let our dog swim and cook hot dogs. We also have to pay to go to that lake. Even the Senior pass is prohibitive for us this year. Maybe next summer.
    I’m going to be subscribing to your blog under a different email address as we’re changing internet providers. Had Century Link/Qwest for 6 yrs. with too many problems. Decided to try Hughes net. I’ll have to resubscribe to all my favorite blogs but it’s worth it.
    Hope you have a fun happy weekend.

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