Easy Applique Pillow Using Silhouette Cameo

I’ve been wanting to try to cut fabric with my Silhouette Cameo so, when I stumbled upon these cute dog silhouette pillows at Restoration Hardware I knew this would be my perfect first project

I found this fusible webbing on clearance @ Michaels….it’s not for the Silhouette but, I think it’ll work

I have a fabric hoard collection in my basement, and it’s times like this that I’m happy I save those little scraps. I managed to find a small piece of red ticking and a black piece of fabric that’ll be perfect for this project

If you happen to have Christmas pillows, they make great pillow forms for the other eleven months of the year

First, iron the webbing to the fabric, rough side to rough side

I ironed on one entire piece because, if this works, I’m planning on doing a few more pillows with words.

Before you feed the fabric through the cutting machine, remove the paper back and place the fabric, glue side down on your cutting mat

I positioned the head of the dog too close to the edge and it ended up not cutting it all the way through :(

After you cut the applique, iron it to the pillow cover – DONE!! Yes, it’s that easy!

You can see the top of his head is a little jagged because I positioned him to close to the edge, live and learn :)

I think he’s still really cute!

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