Measuring Spoon Holder

We’re always working on projects around here and as a result, we have lots of little scraps. I never throw them away because I find it inspiring to create “mini” ideas with them, you could say I’m a scrap hoarder.

After we put up our faux wainscoting, we had lots of little pieces of lattice strips. We probably had enough to make a sunburst mirror and although we thought about it, that’s just really not our style.

I remembered seeing a fantastic piece on Infarrantly Creative That I loved! They used paint sticks to create cabinet door storage for all their measuring tools. I really like this idea but didn’t want to put holes in my cabinets so I came up with this similar piece to keep those hard to find spoons near by.

After I painted the board, I antiqued and sealed it. Now the measuring spoons are in a MUCH more convenient location.

You can do so many versions of this, think about stuff you have around the house, photographs, decoupage scrapbook paper, decoupage your kids art – just get creative! And you don’t need to write the sizes either, they’re already labeled on the spoons anyway. Happy Weekend.

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